Smart Selfie 360 Tracker with face tracking

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  • Faster Rotating Speed】----  auto tracking selfie stick has been upgraded in software and hardware, rotation speed can reach 90° per second now, create the fastest tracking speed on similar product. Let your phone follow you, take selfie and no longer ask for help.




  • 【Face Tracking & All-Round Shooting】---- This auto face-tracking selfie stick is equipped with AI technology of human image composition and scale estimation, it can automatically track you after recognized you. The selfie mount can rotate 360 degrees, it will make your phone to follow you intelligently when you are walking, you can set pose and then it will automatically take pictures every 3 seconds. Ideal choice for sport events, group photos, lectures, Vlog-shooting, etc.

  • 【Object Intelligent Tracking】---- Cell phone selfie stick can track and shoot real-time objects, follow the displacement, when the cat is moving, the phone also follows the cat, and automatically shoot. What a great surprise to get a high quality professional selfie stick, everyone can use it and will love it.


  • 【Simple Operation】---- Automatic connection without registering and complex tutorials. Just use the mobile phone to download the software APAI GENIE and open it, then keep holding the [Power On] key in the stand for 5 seconds, it will connect automatically (Support system iOS 10.0 and later, Android 8.1.




  • 【Shooting Tips】---- 1.The tracking effection of the phone holder may be affected by the shooting environment. Please choose a shooting environment with proper light and keep a right distance form the selfie holder. 2.Please don't move too fast, in case that the rotating speed of the holder can't keep up with your pace.